Before & After

Check out our before and after high heel pics to see the amazing results you can achieve using the Stacey Rose Shoe Revitalisation Collection. You too can save time, money and stress by repairing your own shoes. 


What They're Saying

I have had some time to use the product and I really love it. As a single mum and business owner I genuinely never get a chance to get my heels fixed. And crazily enough it stresses me to get my heels fixed because they throw my expensive heels on the bench with no thought or care and they handle them with their filthy hands. I have also had a pair of YSL heels broken by a shoe repair store and they refused to take responsibility for it. I am sure I can’t be the only woman that thinks this way. That is a bit of a ramble to say I am a devoted customer now - you have saved me time, money and reduced the stress around the process.

Ally M. 22 Jan 2018

You saved my life...well actually my shoes, but I live in them for work. I love my Jo Mercer pumps and I've managed to breath new life into my favourite heels thanks to your kit. I can't believe it only took 5 minutes and I did it all by myself! Thanks for such a fantastic product.

Korin W. 4 Feb 2018

I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it was to replace my own heel tips, using the Stacey Rose heel replacement kit and following the simple, guided instructions. Not only can I keep my favourite heels in better shape by replacing the tips sooner, but I'm also saving time and money on regular visits to the shoe repair shop, which I'd much rather be spending on new shoes! Thanks so much Stacey Rose.

Nicky H. 27 Nov 2017