Christian Louboutin : The face behind the label

Christian Louboutin : The face behind the label


We know Louboutin for his ability to create awe-inspiring masterpieces that are kissed by the very ground they walk upon. Some of us are even lucky enough to have a few or more scattered amongst our shoe collection. But who is the fashion tycoon behind these gorgeous creations? Let's take a peek into the man that is Christian Louboutin.

One of four children, Christian grew up in Paris as the youngest child and only son of cabinet maker Roger and stay at home mum Irene. Christian knew from an early age that academia was not his forte, so after leaving school behind at aged 16 he assisted backstage at the cabaret Folies Bergères. Christian soon caught the travel bug and after spending time abroad in Egypt and India he returned home to submit his design portfolio to the elite fashion houses in Paris. Christian's efforts were soon rewarded as he secured a job with Charles Jourdan which later led to an apprenticeship with the father of the stiletto, Roger Viver.  After a period of time, Christian started freelancing for some of the most illustrious fashion labels to grace the catwalks which included YSL, Chanel and Maud Frizon.

Tragically, in the late 1980's Louboutin turned his back on the world of shoes and explored a new passion for landscaping. He couldn't quite shake the allure of fashion so contributed to Vogue in a bid to fill that void. Thankfully, his green thumb days were numbered and he opened his first salon in 1991. Amongst his first clients was Monaco’s Princess Caroline whose comments and influence helped catapult the Louboutin brand into notoriety.

So where did the trademark red sole originate from? Apparently, the idea was born from his assistants red nail polish which inspired the idea of adding the statement colour to the soles of his 1993 season collection. This led to his customers begging him to keep the now notorious Louboutin red soles and the rest as they say is history. 

So, has this made you feel like splurging on a pair of red soles...happy shopping!


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