Flats or Heels?

Flats or Heels?

It’s a debate that seems to be gaining momentum. Flats or heels? In my humble opinion I honestly think it depends on the angle you’re looking at it from…fashion, function, health, comfort, attractiveness? So I thought I’d explore the topic…with a slightly biased view of course.

We’ve all heard the argument that heels are bad for your foot health and a recent study completed by the University of Aberdeen is no different. The findings outlined on demonstrate an increased risk of bunions, musculoskeletal pain and injuries. But are heels that much worse for you than flats? Apparently not! Dr. Shermi Parikh from claims that while flats may provide a more natural position for your feet, she also reminds us that they are called flats for a reason. The thin soles offer little to no support for the arch of your foot and minimal cushioning, all of which can lead to hip, knee and back problems.

So…if both flats and heels bear cons, what’s the answer? It appears the French have it (so they claim), apparently if you’re wearing a longer dress or skirt, opt for heels, and if you’re sporting a miniskirt of mini-dress, wear flats ( I still don’t think it’s a simple as that but it might pose a good rule of thumb for some.

So what are sales doing in the world of shoes, as this might help provide some insight. According to CNBC, women’s sneaker sales skyrocketed 37% in the USA in 2017 while heels dipped 11%. Does this mean women are finally starting to buck the high heel in favour of more casual footwear? No, apparently not, there’s just more choice across a broader range of footwear. Even the diversity of heels in the retail sector climbed 28% in 2017. Evidently, it appears women are buying more shoes than ever before, it’s just our shoe closest are filled with a greater variety of footwear.

Unless you’re choosing foot health as the primary motivator in your decision making process for your choice of footwear, then you’re going to be faced with shortcomings at every turn. I still firmly believe that your choice of footwear is strongly correlated to the activity you intend to accomplish in them…you’re not likely to don a pair of heels to go hiking. But at the end of the day, so long as heels continue to make us feel sexy, empowered and attractive then they’re not going anywhere.


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