Here’s why women wear heels

Here’s why women wear heels

Have you ever had somebody) ask why you wear heels? Instinctively we know why we wear heels, how it makes us feel and how it transforms us as soon as we put them on but, sometimes it can be difficult to articulate that. So, the next time you’re asked here’s just a few reasons to arm yourself with!




    1. They make us feel good

It’s difficult to describe to a non-heel wear just how much a pair of heels transforms us. Personally, I don’t feel dressed unless I’m wearing a pair of heels. I instantly feel more confident, powerful and ready to take on the world.

     2. They make our legs and butt look AMAZING!

Heels have an uncanny ability to change the shape of our calves. This coupled with the illusion that our legs are longer and our butts are perkier makes for a smoking transformation.

  •     3. We turn heads in heels
  • When we slide into a pair of pumps we physiologically change the way we walk and, so long as you’ve mastered how to walk in heels, then you’re likely to turn heads. Strapping on a pair of heels reduces the length of our stride and forces us to tilt and rotate our hips. This is why we “strut our stuff” in heels.

  •     4. An outfit does not look the same in flats
  • If you stood identical twins together that were similar in size, wore the same outfit and where equal in appearance (hair, makeup) but one wore flats and the other wore heels, you would undoubtedly find that the women in heels receives far more compliments, turns more heads and in general attract more interest than the women in flats. It may not be fair, but its reality. Heels have the power to change an outfit.

  •     5. They add an air of class and sophistication
  • Perhaps it’s the sway of our hips, the outfits we pair with them or that women in heels tend to embody these qualities but, there is a perception of refinement and elegance associated with a heel wearer. Of course there is a caveat to this ladies as it doesn’t count when they’re in hand if you stagger out of the races.

    While I could continue to outline numerous reasons why we choose to garb our feet with these gorgeous works of art, there really is only one reason that counts…because we can!


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