Our obsession has a name

Our obsession has a name

So, how many shoes do you own and at what point is it considered an obsession? Perhaps that’s a topic for another day but according to the Urban Dictionary, Shoe Obsession Disorder or more commonly referred to as SOD is defined as “Womenkind’s enduring love affair with fabulous footware. Commonly self-diagnosed and there is no cure”. I think we can safely include Liza Minnelli in our ranks with her belief that “Husbands come and go but Manolo slingbacks are for life” and I’m pretty sure despite Imelda Marcos stating that “I did not have 3,000 pairs of shoes, I had 1,060” that she still qualifies.

Many of us dream of our shoe collections emulating the likes of the Kardashian’s and other influential fashionistas but for the moment, we make do with what we have. This does not mean that you, or I, are any less prone to SOD but that its size and worth is relative to our income (well…at least that’s the theory).

So when does one get professional help with this disorder, particularly given its largely self-diagnosed? There’s an obvious answer for this, right? When your shoe storage reaches capacity and the professional help of a carpenter is sort to solve the predicament. After all, SOD is only a problem when the ability to fund our obsession dries up? 



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