Shoe accessories...what are the options?

Shoe accessories...what are the options?

Let’s face it, nothing in a woman's life is simple so why should our footwear be any different! Gone are the days (if they ever did exist) where you bought a pair of shoes and didn’t touch them again. So, for all you lovely ladies out there who need a helping hand to get the most out of your shoes, I’ve compiled a list of must have accessories.

Sole Cushion

These have saved me on a number of occasions particularly when I know I’ll be standing in my heels for hours. Taking my shoes off in public is not an option (not even at the races) but sole cushions are. These gel pads are designed to be placed on the inside of your shoe to provide support, comfort and cushioning for the ball of your foot.

Heel Shields

I always keep a pair of these stashed away for last minute emergencies. Heel shields are designed to be placed on the inside of the heel of your shoe and prevent the the shoe from slipping and assist in minimising rubbing.

Water & Stain Protector

Depending on the type of shoes you have, you may want to consider a spray on water & stain protector. I can’t personally say I’m a big user of this kind of product but I do know there are people who swear by it. I would recommend you read up on the product before use.

Suede Rejuvenators

Suede is such a delicate material so it doesn’t take much for these shoes to begin looking worn. Thankfully, there are products on the market (only for black suede) that can be used to breath new life into your shoes. Simply spray the product onto the area you need to retouch and your shoes will be looking like new in no time.

Shoe Stretching

I’ve been lucky enough not to require shoe stretching products to date (other than while I was pregnant and even then no amount of stretching was going to feet my puffy feet into my beautiful shoes), but I know feet come in different shapes and sizes so I thought it was prudent to include what’s available. There appears to be a couple of options for providing additional room in your favourite shoes which includes leather stretching sprays which can only be used on certain types of leather and expandable shoe trees. What’s a shoe tree I hear you ask. It's a wooden device, usually made of cedar, that is roughly the same size and shape as your foot which is placed in your shoe to help it keep shape.

High Heel Stoppers

I have ruined a few pairs of heels from sinking into lawns at weddings and garden parties. Luckily this is now a thing of the past thanks to the high heel stoppers that are placed over the heel tip of your shoe. These provide increased surface area for your heel to prevent it from sinking into the ground.

Baby Wipes

Yup, you read it right. I use baby wipes to clean most of my shoes (obviously not suede). I find they are gentle enough not to damage the shoe but take away any dirt and some marks. They're particularly good for patent leather. Another popular option is microfiber cloths. Before you clean your shoes, know the material you’re working with and research the best alternatives for bringing them back to life.

Heel Tip Repair Kit

Who has time to for a special trip to the cobbler and back again to replace the heel tips of your shoes. Definitely not me! I generally find they pile up until I get several pairs needing to be repaired and then make a special trip (and hand over a small fortune). When they’re at the cobbler (usually for a couple of weeks until I can find the time to get back there again) is when I need to wear them...grrrr. Now I can simply replace them myself thanks to the Stacey Rose Heel Tip Replacement Kit.


All the best with Loving Your Shoes New.


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