Shoe storage...what are the options?

Shoe storage...what are the options?

You might spend $200 or $2000 on a pair of shoes and your wardrobe might be filled with a dozen or a couple of hundred pairs of shoes. Regardless of which boat you’re in you’ll be facing the same problem. What is the best way to store my shoes? Let’s face it ladies, the problem is real so let’s take a look at some solutions for all budgets, spaces and tastes.

10 Tier Mobile Shoe Stand

 Howards Storage 10 Tier Shoe Rack

Howards Storage World offers a relatively inexpensive solution for shoe storage with the added advantage of  mobility. This 10 tier stand has a capacity of 40-50 pairs of shoes and measures in at 73 cm x 22.5 cm x 163.5 cm. This is an ideal product for those looking for a cheap storage solution at only AUD$89.00 with the added benefit of being able to move your shoe collection to cater for small, confined spaces.

 Billy Bookcase

 Stiletto Couture Bella Shoe Collection

How could any shoe lover not be inspired by @stilettocouturebella. Her shoe collection is amazeballs and I love her storage solution, to the point I have borrowed the idea for my own shoe collection. Who said bookshelves couldn’t be repurposed and better still, you can get them at any Ikea store. Believe it or not, the Billy bookcase is Ikea's most popular product with one selling every 5 seconds across the globe. I wonder how many of these actually hold books! The bookshelf measures 80 cm wide, 28 cm deep and 202 cm high and is only AUD$99. If I had my time again however, I would have chosen the Billy / Oxberg bookcase with the glass doors to help protect my shoes from dust.

Over Door Shoe Rack

Over the door shoe storage

If you’re short of cash and room to store your shoes then you may want to consider an over door shoe rack solution. This practical design provides storage for up to 36 pairs of flats or heels. This may be an ideal solution for renters as their patented mounting brackets allows the rack to fit over any residential or commercial door and the inclusion of felt pads aids in reducing potential damage. The rack measures approximately 53 cm wide, 15 cm deep and 196 cm long and between each level there is approximately 12 cm. If you want to check this product out, head to The Container Store  where you can buy this product for US$57.

Custom Made

The Official Sonal Maherali Shoe Collection

If you’re unable to find an off the shelf solution to your shoe storage dilemma then look no further than a master cabinet maker who can ensure your shoe dreams come true. If you’re lucky enough to turn a bedroom into your shoe closet like @theofficialsonalmaherali then I suggest you might want to follow her on Instagram to get some inspiration for your upcoming renovation project. Unfortunately for the rest of us we’ll just have to make do with the drool worthy pictures she posts of her shoe collection...sigh.

Slide Out Shoe Storage

Slide Out Shoe Storage

If you’re thinking  custom build is for you then another option could be a slide out shoe storage solution. These come in vertical and horizontal options and are great for keeping your shoes protected and away from light and dust.

Rotating Shoe Storage

Rotating Shoe Storage

Lazy Lee has brought to market a 360 degree rotating shoe storage solution fit for any shoe queen. Their 360 Organiser Built in Shoe Spinner with Cabinet, which you can pick up for USD$2,550 from is a manually operated spinning system consisting of four sections with adjustable shelves. Two of the four sides offer 7 adjustable shelves while the other half offer eight. Assembled the unit measures 100cm wide, 35cm deep and 232cm high and needs to be pinned to a wall.


I could keep going with the various shoe storage solutions that are available for all budgets, spaces and tastes but I had to stop somewhere. Hopefully this offers you a bit of inspiration to start investigating shoe storage solutions that might fit your needs. Happy researching!


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