Travelling with shoes

Travelling with shoes

Travelling can be brutal at the best of times and the last thing any of us want is to open our suitcase and realise that our shoes have either been damaged or caused damage. By no means am I an expert in the field of travel or packing, but I’ve done my fair share of trips for business and pleasure to have learnt a few tips and tricks along the way. So, here’s a few helpful hints from myself and others to give you food for thought when packing for your next adventure.


1. Pack your shoes heel to toe

Shoes are bulky, unless you’re packing flip flops for a tropical holiday and luggage allowances are finite, so efficient packing is key.  Where possible, pack your shoes in pairs and lay them on their side. Arrange your shoes the same way you’d find them in a shoe box, heel to toe. You may want to place a soft cloth between your shoes to prevent them from marking.  


2. Look to pack versatile shoes

Selecting the right footwear to pack for a holiday can be hellish. How can you decide between your favourites? From experience, I’ve found packing staple coloured shoes the best option which usually consists of beige and black. It’s rare that I can’t pair these colours with the outfits I’ve chosen.


3. Use a dust cover

Most shoes these days come with a dust cover for storage purposes. These are ideal for travel. If you don’t have any they can be bought relatively cheaply online. Once in the dusk cover you may also want to wrap your shoes in some of your clothes. At the very least, make sure there is a layer of clothes between the suitcase and your shoes. This will help insulate your shoes from being knocked around in transit (we’ve all seen how careful airport baggage handlers are with luggage).


4. Keep them in shape by stuffing your shoes with socks

I’ve not personally tired this technique but I’ll definitely give it a go the next time I travel. The irony is I’m writing this blog while on a flight, oh well, next time.


5. Don’t overpack your suitcase

I know it’s hard, but if you’re the type of person who has to sit on their luggage to get it shut then this one’s for you. The more you squeeze into your suitcase the greater the chance of damaging your shoes. While these techniques will help reduce the damage caused to your heels while travelling, if you overpack you’re almost certainly going to damaged your shoes, at the very least they’ll likely to become misshapen.  


6. Keep your toiletries away from your shoes

Unfortunately I speak from personal experience with this. Air pressure can do funny things to our toiletries. Moisturisers spill out, deodorants go off (I concede this one was most likely user error) perfume bottles can break etc. These things can happen regardless of how carefully you pack so, always place your expensive items (including your shoes) away from your toiletries in case of any in transit accidents.


7. Remove your shoes from your luggage on arrival

You’re one of two people. You either unpack as soon as you arrive at your destination or you live out of your suitcase. If you’re the latter, at the very least remove your shoes from your suitcase to prevent damaging them when you rustle through your luggage. This will also help ensure they don’t get out of shape.


Happy packing for your next travels.


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