About Stacey Rose

Stacey Davis founder of Stacey RoseI love shoes. There's no other way to say it. I love how they make me feel. I love their ability to transform an outfit and I love how you can never have too many. In fact, I will confess to buying the same heels in multiple colours (I know I'm not I won't tell your partner if you don't tell mine). 

If you too are a lover of shoes (especially high heels), and lets face it, you wouldn't be here if you weren't, you too understand the devastation of stepping out in a new pair of shoes only to damage them. Your heart sinks and you know they're just that little bit less now and you're just a little bit less careful.

We all look at each other's shoes and if they're new and sparkly we notice them for all the right reasons but, as shoes begin to age and wear we notice them for all the wrong reasons. The damage stands out more than design, colour or style (particularly when you're behind somebody climbing a flight of stairs) even if you've draped yourself in the finest designer labels you'll only ever look as good as your tired shoes, they are that powerful.

So I figured enough was enough. I didn't have an endless supply of time or money to keep turning the same colour and style of shoes over every couple of months. Besides, if I purchased a new pair of shoes I wanted to add to my collection, not just maintain the status quo. Where's the fun in buying a replacement pair of heels. So the idea behind Stacey Rose was born. I needed to find a way to love my shoes new.

From this sprung my Show Revitalisation range. Being time poor it was such a mission getting my heel tips replaced (2 separate trips to the shoe repairer) and it wasn't cheap, but trying to find the right tools in my husbands shed to do the job myself was impossible. I needed my own tools specially for replacing my heel tips and from what I heard, I wasn't alone. I needed to solve the DIY heel tip replacement problem.

My aim is to provide ladies with a one stop shoe shop and I hope to have the opportunity to bring you many more exciting and innovative products in the not too distant future. Thanks for sharing in my vision and I hope you find my range of Stacey Rose products as useful as I do.