"How To" Videos

Shoe repair has never been so easy thanks to Stacey Rose. Learn how to quickly and easily repair your high heels and replace heel tips using the Stacey Rose Shoe Repair Kit. Stacey Rose offers a suite shoe related accessories to ensure you continue to love your pump shoes or stiletto shoes.


In addition to the Shoe Repair Kit, Stacey Rose offers Heel Tip Boxes which provides the high heel connoisseur with an assortment of heel tips in different colours, heel tip sizes and pin widths. Alternatively if you know the size, colour and pin width of the heel tips your trying to replace of your favourite high heels you can always purchase the tips individually in either beige heel tips or black heel tips


Comfort while in your shoes is something Stacey Rose understands all too well. Nobody wants to experience ball of foot pain commonly experienced as burning feet which is usually caused by being on your feet for too long. Thankfully ball of foot pain relief can be achieved with the Stacey Rose Ball of Foot Pain Cushions. You may also suffer from slipping shoes or heel of foot pain which can be resolved using heel grips which are also known as heel shields or heel insoles. Stacey Rose can offer you relief from heel of foot pain with Stacey Rose Heel Shields
We hope you find the instructional videos helpful however, if you'd like a hard copy feel free to download the Heel Tip Replacement Instructions and Heel Tip Size Guide.