Ball of Foot Cushion

  • Are you experiencing ball of foot pain? Are you looking for ball of foot pain relief?

    Standing in your high heels for extended periods can cause foot pain which often feels like you're feet are burning. Shoe inserts such as ball of foot cushions can help with relieving the pain associated with being on your feet.

    Thanks to Stacey Rose, you can maximise comfort when on our feet with the Stacey Rose Ball of Foot Cushion. Stay on your feet for longer thanks to the cushioning technology of impact absorbent gel inserts.These gel feet pads allow you to stay in your shoes for longer than normal.

    Ball of foot pain can be caused by high heels, which transfers additional weight to the balls of your feet. Shoes that lack support and padding can also be a reason for ball of foot pain. Thankfully, the Stacey Rose Ball of Foot Cushion provides the additional support needed for ball of foot pain relief.

    Each pack of Stacey Rose Ball of Foot Cushion contains 2 pairs of Ball of Foot Cushions.