Shoe Repair Kit + High Heel Shoe Repair Tip Box Combo

  • The Stacey Rose High Heel Repair Kit + Heel Tip Box Combo comes with:

    The Stacey Rose Shoe Repair Kit includes:

    1 x Shoe Repair Case (24cm x 19cm x 3cm)

    1 x Needle Nose Pliers

    1 x Heel Pin Removal Tool

    1 x Easy to Follow Instruction Card

    36 x Pairs of Heel Tips | 1 pair of each of the following (36 pairs in total)

         Tip Sizes: 9x10mm, 10x11mm, 10.5x12.5mm,12x12mm, 13x13mm & 13x15mm

         Colour: Black & Beige

         Dowel Sizes: 2.5mm, 2.9mm & 3.04mm

    The Stacey Rose Heel Tip Box includes 216 Heel Tips (1 pair in each size, colour and dowel width - 29cm x 20cm x 6cm)

    U Shape

         Colours: Beige & Black

         Pin Sizes: 2.5mm, 2.9mm & 3.04mm

         Sizes: 9x10mm, 10x11mm, 10.5x12.5mm, 12x12mm, 13x13mm, 13x15mm, 14x14mm, 15x15mm, 15x18mm, 16x16mm, 18x18mm, 19x20.5mm, 21.5x23mm, 24x26mm.

    O Shape

         Colours: Beige & Black

         Dowel Sizes (mm): 2.5mm, 2.9mm & 3.04mm

         Sizes (diametre): 9mm, 11mm, 14mm, 17mm